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AZFMC Awards

AZFMC Junior Superior Performance Award

AZFMC-sponsored competition to provide monetary incentives for students in a competitive environment. 12 awards are given annually with 3 winners per each of 4 divisions.

Entry Deadline: April 10  (No late submission)

Contact: Valerie Harris email


Who can enter

Students who have earned at least 1 superior rating in Festival.


Division I – Primary 3-Primary 4
Division II – Elementary through Medium
Division III – Moderately Difficult I
through Difficult I
Division IV – Difficult II through Musically Advanced II

Application and Rules

AZFMC Davis Award

AZFMC-sponsored competition to provide monetary incentives for students in a competitive environment.

Entry Deadline: March 1   (No late submission)

Contact: Gloria Lien  email



Who can enter

High school seniors or college students.


All pieces must be memorized.

Play 1 piece by an American composer

Play 3 other pieces representing different time periods: Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th/21st century

Rules for Entry
  1. Each entrant must be a junior club member if in high school.  Students, 19 – 25 must be a student/collegiate member ($16). See information below to join NFMC.
  2. Student will perform one piece from four different musical eras: Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or Contemporary. One piece must be by an American Composer. Please note above.
  3. All pieces must be from a known composer, “Anonymous” or ‘”Unknown” is not allowed.  Foreign-born composers who became naturalized citizens may be selected as American or Non-American.
  4. All pieces must be commercially published.
  5. All pieces must be at least 18 measures in length.
  6. All pieces must be memorized.
  7. A student may perform in both the Festival and the Davis Piano/Organ Award on the same day.

Junior Composers Contest

NFMC-sponsored contest provides monetary incentives for students to compose for keyboard, voice, other instruments, or any combination.  Winners from the state will be forwarded to the regional and national levels. 

 Entry Deadline: January 31 (No late submissions)

Contact: Kathy Glover email



Rules and Online Application

NFMC Awards

The National Federation of Music Clubs offers over 120 awards and provides $750,000 annually in national awards. Listings are arranged by age classifications as follows:  Junior (under age 19), Student/Collegiate (ages 19-25), and Senior (age 19 and above).

Competitions are open to NFMC members including all members of the AZFMC Senior Clubs across the state. Additional information and forms are available on the NFMC website.



Awards for Teachers:

The NFMC also offers awards for teachers. Find out about the Ouida Keck Award for professional development for piano teachers.

click here for rules and applications

Junior Pledge

I acknowledge my indebtedness to good music;  I know that the music of a nation inspires or degrades; I realize that acquaintance with great music instills love of that which brings courage and lofty ideals and tends towards clean, noble living; I promise to do all in my power to make America truly musical.

—Mrs. Thomas J. Cole, 1938